Round 5

An exciting season almost at an end. With the last game for the season Roos will fly to Dubai to play the Dingoes.

A win this week will mean a final appearance against the Dubai Dragons in Dubai on the 2nd of March.
We are traveling a little light this week after loosing two players to injury last wee against the Dragons. Both injuries resulting in surgery. Brett walked away with a fractured cheek late in the 2nd quarter and Andre breaking his Arm only a few minutes earlier. Both player are an import part of the club and will be out for the playing season even if we make the GF but hopefully happy to don the boots next year.

With Andre telling the coach after his operation that at least next season he can tackle harder with his new metal arm. As if he doesn’t tackle harder enough already.

Hopefully the next post will be on the back of an away win against the Dingoes which will see the 2nd Grand Final appearance for the Roos.


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