Best and Fairest Dinner

The Doha Kangaroos had the end of Season Event on the 25th of May at the Doha Rugby Club. With over 60 people registered to attend it was set to be a great night of dinner and drinks with


The tent next to ours

Unfortunately at about 5:30 that afternoon the building next to ours burnt down, turning our venue into a investigation scene. So the event was forced to go alfresco and was hosted on the rugby pitch under lights.

Overall everyone really enjoyed themselves at the event the club managed to raise some funds for the next 2012-13 as well as ptoetnial new players as well. The nights major reason was to present the awards from the season. With the usual awards being presented, with one addition being added to the honor roll this year  the “Down Low Metal”.

This metal is awarded to the person that has conducted themselves in such away, both on and off the field, that brings the club into disrepute.

With the follows boys took out the awards.

Awards Winner

Best and Fairest Player             Joe Barnes
Best Team Man                         Joe Lewczuk
Leading Goalkicker                   Brett Humphrey
Most ME-AFL Votes                   Ben Simpson
Emerging Talent Award            Gerard Lovett
Under 21 Rising Star Award     Dylan Bickley
Down Low Metal                        Andre Jay

Great night, which was a fantastic way to end the season and drum up some funds for next season as well.



There are some people we need to thank for their support on the night.
John Savage from QBI for the donation of the iPad and their future plan for club support. Go to there website  or our sponsor page to find out more.
The Pearl and Ronautica for the vouchers provided,
The Rugby Club,
51East for the prizes,
The North Melbourne football club for their donation of training gear,
Pitre Bourdon for organizing the presentation and awards,
Peter Blackall for attempting to MC the night under the challenging conditions.


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