2013/14 Season

The 2013/14 season is nearly upon us with the Middle East AFL kicking off on the 4th of October 2013 with the pre season round robin in Dubai.  A chance for runners up the Kangaroos to have a look at how this years opponents are shaping up.

The 8th of November 2013 marks the start of this seasons premiership campaign when the Kangaroos travel to Dubai to take on the Dingos.

Date Home Away Kick-off
October 25 Dragons Logo UpdateDubai Dragons MuscatMuscat Magpies 11:00 am
November 8 dubai dingoesDubai Dingoes Doha KangaroosDoha Kangaroos 11:00 am
November 8 AD FalconsAbu Dhabi Falcons Dragons Logo UpdateDubai Dragons 11:00 am
November 22 Doha KangaroosDoha Kangaroos AD FalconsAbu Dhabi Falcons 11:00 am
November 22 MuscatMuscat Magpies dubai dingoesDubai Dingoes 11:00 am

Visit the AFL Middle East website for more details on the upcoming fixture at www.afl-me.com



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