Training – calling all past, present and new players.

Plans are underway to start training on Sunday evenings at 7pm.  The committee is awaiting the final word on a suitable training venue.  Grass is at a premium and getting a patch of it is taking some negotiating.

As soon as the training venue is confirmed the call will go out to past players to dust off the boots,  pull up the socks and head out onto the track to shine up the skills in preparation for the assault on this years cup. But hey why wait…don the KT26s and start your own pre season with a couple of laps around Aspire or blaze a path down the Corniche….

Most importantly is the call to new players to come along and enjoy the game.  Regardless of experience you are most welcome.  Never played before?  Not a problem,  we will get you on the training track and into a game before you know it.  Been a few years?  No problems, our playing groups age is from 15 to near 50, age is no barrier.

Watch this space for updates on training……

A football lies on the ground during an AFL training session


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