2013 AFL Grand Final Breakfast – Live Coverage


A fantastic turn out for the Doha Kangaroos Grand Final Breakfast.  Thanks to all those who came along to watch the Hawks soar high and the Dockers kick left and right but not straight through the big sticks that matter.

Thanks to the following supporters for making it a great event:

Grand Hyatt Doha

Jones the Grocer Doha

Treasury Wines Australia

So if you like AFL Footy, then make sure you drop in and enjoy the high end food and beverage both Jones the Grocer and the Grand Hyatt offer.  When back in Australia pick up your wine from Treasury, or why not order on line for a friend or family member.  Support those that support us.

If you missed the event, rest assured before you know we will be staging the event in 2014.


Join the Doha Kangaroos at the Grand Hyatt for live coverage of the 2013 AFL Grand Final.  Will the Purple Haze come through with the goods and win their first GF, or will the Hawks swoop down and take it from their clutches?   There will be heavy hits, fast running, fierce competition and we are only talking about when the bar opens,  wait until you see the action during the game!  Be there and see it all unfolds.   Australia’s greatest game live.

AFL 2012 Toyota Grand Final - Hawthorn v Sydney


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