Player Profile: Pitre Bourdon

60sec with PitreNickname: Coach

Jumper #: 25

Position: Head Coach and emergency

Position you should play: My heart says Forward Pocket, but my head says Coach!

Been in Qatar for: 6.5 years

Occupation: Head of Research – Aspire Academy

Where is home? Adelaide, South Australia

Favourite restaurant in Qatar? Isaan Thai, Grand Hyatt

Who would you like to have dinner with? My Grandfather – he died when I was young so I never really got to know him.

Most annoying Kangaroos player? None, the Coach needs to be impartial

Favourite AFL Team? Anyone but Collingwood

How do you relax? Watching TV, golf and cycling

Favourite holiday destination? Orlando, Florida

Grand Final, we’re 5 points down… who kicks the winning goal? Any Kangaroos player, just so long as it’s not the opposition scoring. The Silver Fox (Brett Humphreys floating one through would also be good to see.

I am an expert at…. Australian lollies (confectionery)

Name your hashtag: #whatsahashtag??

Who you reckon you look like: Steve Zahn (B grade actor)

Who we reckon you look like: William H Macy



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