Player Profile: Chris Brandner

60sec with CB

Nickname: Bradna, Mendez, Tinder

Jumper #: 26

Position: Half-back flank

Position you should play: Half-back flank

Been in Qatar for: One year

Occupation: Sport Scientist at Aspire Academy

Where is home? Melbourne, Australia

Favourite restaurant in Qatar? Paloma (Mexican) at St. Regis, Mykonos (Greek) at Intercontinental Hotel, or Chi’Zen (Chinese) at Oryx Rotana

Who would you like to have dinner with? Ronda Rousey (UFC Fighter)

Most annoying Kangaroos player? Dylan Alexander

Favourite AFL Team? Geelong Cats

How do you relax? I go for a nap

Favourite holiday destination? Some place in the Mediterranean: Portugal, Greece, or Croatia

Grand Final, we’re 5 points down… who kicks the winning goal? Warwick Cappa

I am an expert at…. Singing the opening lines of Eminem’s song ‘Lose Yourself’

Name your hashtag: #GoRoos, #SunsOutGunsOut

Who you reckon you look like: Tough one. I’ve been told I look like one of the brothers out of the TV series Supernatural (Jensen Ackles). If you say I look like someone with a moustache then you are not very creative…

Who we reckon you look like: Mendez

C Brandner

Jensen Ackles       Chris Brandner          Mendez               Chris Brandner


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