The Doha Kangaroos were initially formed to compete in the 2007 Dubai 9s. Gary Johnson  and Billy Barker, who was previously affiliated with the Singapore Wombats and was somewhat familiar with setting up a club, sought expressions of interest at an Australian New Zealand Business in Qatar (ANZBIQ) function and three days later, around 10 Aussie expats showed up for a meeting at the Legends Bar at Rydges Plaza and the club was born. The Doha Kangaroos entered the Dubai 9s in 2007 and came a credible 3rd after only a few weeks of training.


The Kangaroos playing history is a proud one; having competed in the AFL-Middle East League since 2009, finishing runners-up in 2011 and 2013 and winning the 2014 Premiership. To date they are the only team outside the UAE to win an AFL-Middle East Premiership.

There is a great Aussie Rules passion amongst the Doha community which spreads beyond the Australians, with other expats such as New Zealanders, Irish, British, Danish, Lebanese, French, South African, Canadian, Belgian, Sri Lankan, Brazilian and American having played for the club.

The Doha Kangaroos are also planning to help grow the game internationally by getting juniors involved in the club through the conduct of Auskick clinics.


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