Round 1

In round 1 the Doha kangaroos played away in Oman against the Muscat Magpies. With the first game of the AFL Middle East season being an away game for Doha it was always going to be a hard game to play. Doha took only 9 players to Muscat. Only having 4 players from last years team travelling over and 5 new faces to the club making their debut appearance.  Even our new coach needed to don the boots after over 20 years of not playing.

Magpies were always going to be a tuff game. Especially with it being Chris Holmes last game for Muscat and the AFL ME. The Pies have beaten the Roos every time they have clashed since the launch of the AFL ME in 2008.

Doha went out firing from the first bounce with the midfield taking complete control of the game. Joey Barnes was tapping the ball beautifully down to Chi and Dre where they were working together like a well-oiled machine.  The small ground in Oman really complemented the midfield with a quick win out of the ruck and a little run up the field the boys were inside scoring distance and making ever. With the forwards sitting deep allowing the youth to run through and kick the goals. The Doha defense was solid as usual with Mike and Dylan keeping their men accountable. Joe Chooka did a great job on Chris Holmes keeping him to 3 goals. The game was kick for kick in the hot Middle Eastern conditions. Even when the final whistle blew neither team new who was the final victors but given the quietness from the Magpies bench the Roos suspected they might of just sneaked over the line with a quick score check and a recheck Doha Kangaroos up by 2 points. With the final score

Kanagaroos    14:11 -95

Magpies           14:9-93


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